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Glasses Guide

Are lenses included in the price of the eyewear frame?

YES! At Lensmart, we provide free 1.56 index single vision optical lenses for any eyewear frame you purchase, except for prescription safety glasses which we shall provide with Essilor 1.59 Airwear Crizal Easy UV lenses made of polycarbonate impact resistance material.

However, if your prescription is high, you may upgrade your lenses to 1.6 index, 1.67 index or even 1.74 index with a reasonable fee. The higher the number of the index, the lens will go thinner, lighter and more durable!

Which type of lens index should I get?

Usually the optical lens index that you require is largely dependent on your prescription and your visual requirements. In summary, it goes like this:

  • 1.56 index : +/-0.00 DS to +/-2.00 DS
  • 1.60 index : +/-2.00 DS to +/- 4.00 DS
  • 1.67 index : +/- 4.00 DS to +/- 6.00 DS
  • 1.74 index : Anything more than +/- 6.00 DS

But of course, if you are particular about the weight and thickness of the lenses, you can also go for optical lenses with higher index even if your prescription is lower than the recommended range.

Can I add on any additional function on the lenses?

YES! We make it simple for you, there’s basically 3 things that you can upgrade for your lenses:

  • Scratch resistant & Anti-glare multicoat, which cuts extra reflections off your glasses, and also providing a more durable coating surface for your glasses. It also comes with a smoother surface on your glasses, so it’s easier for you to clean your glasses!
  • Photochromic, which provides you an automatic tint change on your glasses. For photochromic lenses, whenever your glasses come into contact with sun UV rays (like outdoor activities), your glasses will turn into a darker tint automatically. And whenever you come into indoors, it will turn into clear lenses again! Good for those people who don’t want to have 2 seperate pair of glasses and sunglasses!
  • Computer lens coating, which provides you a more comfortable vision while looking at computer screens and digital devices. Also known as blue control coating, computer lens coating actually carries a layer of blueish coating on the lens surface to help reduce the harmful artificial glare of the digital devices from going directly into your eyes.

What material are the lenses made of?

All our lenses are made of plastic material. If you have specific lens material requirement by your employer or due to your activities, we do provide impact resistant lens options like trivex or polycarbonate material upon request as well. Ask our friendly customer support consultants to see how we are able to assist you!

Do you do prescription sunglasses?

YES! Although this option is not available in our website currently due to technical issue, but you can always email or chat with us to let us know your needs. We are able to put prescription in certain sunglasses, but that has to depends on the sunglass type and also your prescription. Ask our friendly customer support consultants to see how we are able to assist you!

Do you do multifocal/progressive lenses?

Sadly, we do not provide multifocal or progressive lens options at the moment. But we are working to include this option soon in near future.