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Contact Lenses Guide

To place an order for contact lenses, you need to know your prescription (eye power) in the first place, and sometimes the measurements (base curve). Usually, the prescription and measurements of the contact lenses that you are using are printed the contact lens package or box that you are currently using. This is how it looks like, although different brands of contact lens may be slight different, but generally all the important information are there.

If you know your prescription, things are pretty easy as all you have to do is enter the correct power and base curve. If you don’t know your prescription, you can visit your local eye clinics or optometrists for a proper eye test and consultation. For more information about your prescription, please click HERE.

Some important information about contact lenses purchase at Lensmart :

1) Your prescription

Your prescription is important to place an order for contact lenses. If you have a prescription, that’s great! Simply key in the correct power or base curve (if there’s an option), and you’re done! Or just dig back your previous contact lens packaging, the prescription and base curve is usually printed on the packaging. If you don’t have a prescription, you will need to visit your local eye care professionals for an eye check to obtain one!

2) Do you have astigmatism?

Not all contact lenses comes in astigmatism prescription or toric form. There are certain contact lens brands or types which only comes in sphere (just shortsightedness or longsightedness). If your prescription carries astigmatism power of more than -0.75 DC, which means you may require toric lenses for better vision clarity. Just click the selection of contact lenses which carries the word ‘ toric’, and you’ll have wide selections of toric lenses to choose from. If you’re not sure, feel free to ask our friendly customer support consultants!

3) Quantity of contact lenses 

Different manufacturers produce contact lenses with different quantity and packaging. Some comes in 1 pair packing, some 3 pieces and some 3 pairs. So do check the ‘additional information’ column on the specific contact lens item page that you are interested before purchase.

4) Different prescription in both eyes?

Well, we try to fulfill every wishes of our customers, but this is really dependent on the contact lens brand that you are ordering. In most of the cases, 1 box of contact lens only contains 1 type of prescription. If you have different prescription for both eyes, just simply order 2 boxes of contact lens with different prescription!